1. What were you trying to achieve with this album?
2. Of course, he’s the man that’s been responsible for a lot of Belinda Carlisle’s success as well, wasn’t?
3. I take it starting writhing after 14 minutes means you hit it off quite well?
4. Were you happy recording some of the album here and some in LA,
did you enjoy that aspect of it?
5. How do you feel this one’s going to be in comparison to previous material?
6. Well a repeat of “Close” obviously would go down quite nicely,
if the success of this one is a mirror of that?
7. Can you tell us how “Love is Holy” came about LA?
8. It leapt out at you when you heard it, did it?
9. Did you get involved in the “Love is Holy” video at all,
how much did you have to say about the video?
10. Can you tell us about the second single “Who do you think you are?
11. Another single will be “Million miles away”, how did is come about?
12. That’s interesting, two Songs that are obliviously quite outstanding
on the album nearly never made it then?
13. Can you tell us about another single “Heart over Mind”?
14. What especially do you look for in a song?
15. How do you choose the number of tracks that go on the album?
16. How and when and why did you make the decision to get involved
in the writing side of it?
17. Was it hard to suddenly sit down and say “I’m gonna write a song”?
18. How much of a help or a hinderance was it working with your family
when you started to want to branch into writing songs?
19. Better to have your brother than stranger?
20. You obviously have a very close working relationship with your brother?
21. “You keep me hangin’on” was a huge hit for you,
did you ever think would be such a huge hit?
22. Are there any other covers you have done or would still like to do?
23. Do you like doing duets with other artists?
24. So just a long as the project is right?
25. Did you learn anything from the Michael Jackson tour?
26. On the tour it must have been a help to you to know that you’re unlike
a lot of British artists as you’re incredibly popular in Europe too?
27. Are you now more confident about what you’re doing?
28. How did you react to your sudden stardom when “Kids in America”
became a huge hit?
29. What is your relationship with the press now days?
30. What are the highlights of your career so far?
31. What is your favourite place outside of Britain to visit and play and perform?
32. And of course then a million of them went out and bought “Cambodia”?
33. Has there ever been a point when you’ve said “I’ve had enough of this”?
34. I don’t think a lot of people realise that, they think that it’s
just deciding to stop, but there is a lot else involved?
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