Turn it on

I shake and I shiver when you reach for me
and the pearls on the bottom of the deep blue sea
The way you deliver you could make me free
as I get lost is the riddle of your mystery

Who will you find to love you
Nobody quite like me
It's not the way you walk
must be the way you talk

So turn it on, turn it on
Baby turn it on
Maybe you need me
Turn it on, when I'm weak
baby make me strong
Oh when you're gone
I get lost baby I go wrong
So turn it on, let it loose
baby all night long
If you need me

From the ship I've been sailing
I was cast away
I was slipped off your fingers
and I had to stay
Direction failing and my heart at sea
and that look in your eyes meant for me
Where would I be without you
Why would I ever leave
Could it be the way you touch
You make me want so much

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